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What are the features of the Pay Max card?


It’s safe because it’s a debit card tied to your bank account. You can also use the management of your big funds with confidence.

High speed

Transfers between Pay Max accounts can be transferred instantly and you can easily charge your Pay Max card.


Pay Max card can be used at any global ATMs and online and offline member stores worldwide. Rate at the time of use is applied so there is no risk.

Easy Pay Max card charge

The Pay Max card can be used as a debit card after the funds have been charged from the Pay Max account to the Pay Max card.
You can apply for a fund charge from My page quickly and easily.

Pay Max customers

Pay Max / Bank

Pay Max customers
Card use

Is applying for a Pay Max card complicated?

It is easy because it is attached when you open your Pay Max account.

*Customers are responsible for any costs incurred after shipping the Pay Max card, such as customs duties.

ID issued by the Government

ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.

The Pay Max card will take about 3 to 12 weeks to be delivered through the bank screening process.

Pay Max customers
Card application (account opening)

Pay Max


Pay Max customers
Card receipt

How to charge my Pay Max debit card?

Pay Maxカードをお受取後、 カードアクティベート(有効化)のお手続き完了後にご利用いただけます。


Card activation

When you receive the card, please complete the card activation on the Pay Max site.


Fund charge

Click “Charge” from “Banking” on the Pay Max site
Enter funds to charge
(minimum $1 or more)”


Card use

Please use at ATMs and shopping

Pay Max card usage limit and fee

Pay Max card usage limit

LimitsCredit limit
Daily usage limitUnlimited
Settlement amount for one monthUnlimited
ATM withdrawal limit per dayUSD 20,000 –
(ATM withdrawal amount differs for each ATM.)
ATM withdrawal limit per monthUSD 600,000 –


Type of fund transferTransaction Fee
Deposit feeInternational money transfer: 1%
Domestic remittance: 0.5%
Mastercard/VISA: 10%
Bitcoin: 0.5%
USDT: 0.5% (* scheduled for October)

Click here for the latest fees
Card issuance feeUSD 500
(Shipping fee will be charged separately.)
First deposit amountUSD 300
Minimum transfer amountUSD 1
Overseas purchase handling fee3%
ATM withdrawal fee3%
(ATM usage fee will be charged separately. It depends on the area to be withdrawn and the ATM used.)
Membership fee13 months after issuing the Pay Max card USD 100 every year
Current balance confirmationOnline: Free
Card reissue fee
(Reissue fee after expiration of validity period)
USD 100
(Shipping fee will be charged separately.)
Reissue of PIN
(Personal Information Number)
USD 100

*Card rates are determined by the card company.

*Regarding card reissue. Please contact us.

*Customers are responsible for any costs incurred after shipping the Pay Max card, such as customs duties.

Prohibited countries

In the following countries, you cannot use the Pay Max card even for a trip.

MyanmarRepublic of Cote d’IvoireDemocratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic People’s Republic of Korea
Federal Republic of SomaliaRepública de CubaState of EritreaRepublic of Guinea
Syrian Arab RepublicRepublic of ZimbabweIslamic Republic of IranRepublic of Iraq
Republic of Liberia

Withdraw ¥150,000
from an ATM in Japan

Pay €80
at a restaurant in Naples


Pay for a ₩500,000 bag
at a shopping mall in Seoul

Withdraw $1,000
from an ATM in New York

Pay Max Card

The Pay Max card is a card that supports the use of funds in your Pay Max account anywhere in the world.

Pay Max card can be used after the card has been funded from your Pay Max account.

The Pay Max card is a bank debit card. You can use your Pay Max card to withdraw cash from any global ATM machines around the world, and pay at restaurants and shops which accept VISA cards.

There is no daily limit for payment at VISA member stores. Maximum cash withdrawal from ATMs is US$20,000 per day.